Rise and Thrive




The signs my son and I made and carried at the Women's March

The signs my son and I made and carried at the Women's March

The devil whispered in my ear,
"You're not strong enough
to withstand the storm."

(At the march) we whispered
in the devil's ear,
"We are the storm."
Author Unknown

What a crazy roller coaster we've been on. The dread leading up the inauguration, the heartbreak as the most elegant, loving, badass family ever leaves the White House and quite possibly the largest talking ego ever enters, but then- SATURDAY! Humans around the world coming together, hallelujah!

Are you still riding high, looking at the photos and reports? I am. And we had the distinct honor this morning in Awaken The Dance, of integrating it all the way through. Some of us were in Denver, some of us were not, it didn't matter. We came together and found our power from the inside out.

If you're like me, it's so easy to get revved up in big groups. Hell, I can blow myself out just going to Whole Foods. It's so easy to be inspired and invigorated by the energy around us, and then crash hard when we come home. I couldn't even keep my eyes open on the ride home from Denver, I got home and got directly in bed. And that's not unusual for me. My system revs and crashes, revs and crashes, all day long every day. It's completely unsustainable.

So this morning we danced our power from the inside out. We lay on the ground and felt the unconditional support of Mama Earth. And then we moved, very slowly, inviting our cells to move us. Then our fluids, blood, and bones. Then organs, muscles, fat, tendons. Finally we moved to our skin and sense perceptions. When our dance begins this way, this consciously, we dance from the inside out. We dance from a place of deep listening, deep connection with ourselves and the body of the Earth.

When we got moving, we danced together, lifting ourselves up, lifting each other up, taking turns leading and following, playing with the connection we have to ourselves and each other. Playing with following our own energy and impulses while in community. Playing with exertion and energy, what feels right? What will sustain us to fight the good fight? We danced the dance of empowerment, from the inside out!

We will most definitely be needed for the next 4 years, and the rest of our lives. We have to find a way to be motivated, sustain our energy and commitment, and rise up, from the inside out. 

Here's what the dancers had to say after class:

"Well I always thought the earth was just receptive- but I'm feeling about the yang within the yin, the fucking ferociousness. It feels good, rooted in the earth."

"I feel good,I feel the glimmering light vibrancy the this real in this time, and I'm grateful to Trump because he work us up. And there's the shadow, that's in all of us, and maybe he's the instigation for us all shedding our ego self. Mostly I'm grateful to be with a circle of women dancing."

"I feel moved on many levels- physically, emotionally, and spiritually- just movement. It feels important for me to be moved- sometimes I don't embrace movement and change but it is a good thing and it is empowering. Thank you."

"I'm boggling how the inside of me could go from devastation on Friday and Saturday, until after the marches- and the dramatic shift from the most pain I've ever had to look at the energy of what's going on! I'm feeling this amazing energy! Thank you, this was perfect."

"I needed this. I alway need this, but I really needed this today. I didn't get to do the march and I was beating myself up for it, even though I know I was needed by my family. I convinced myself I could have been everything to everyone, but WTF?! I can't. I'm so grateful for what we enacted in here, coming together, being with all of you and feeling such a part of it. I was run down and tired but now, this is exactly what I needed to come out of the cave and be part of the world."

"This was integration. I danced the snake today, and what's mine to do in these moments of transition."

"Why aren't we the cabinet? We are awesome!"

Dance Invitation: Go in and and down, before up and out. Whether you're grocery shopping, playing with your kids, having a meeting, meeting a friend, taking a hike or leading the revolution.