Rise and Thrive




Photo by Katie Day

Photo by Katie Day

"When the roots are deep,
There's no reason to fear the wind."
Author Unknown

Virgina Woolf once said "I am rooted but I flow." They feel so timely. They feel like the medicine we all need so desperately right now. I don't need to tell you how f-ed up shit is right now. You know.
So here's what I'll share....the practice I've been doing, and that we've been dancing in Awaken the Dance classes this week...because it's saving my life.

We have been imagining that there are roots growing out of our bodies and down into the earth. Not just little roots out our feet, but a whole root body that mirrors us under the earth. We are anchored to Pachamama that deep. As tall as we are, that's how deep the roots go down.

And as we move, the roots come with us. We walk with these roots, dance, sit, lay down....the root body comes with us, nourished by Mama Earth. We have been visualizing all the nutrients we need coming up through these roots- heath, peace, strength, space- whatever we need.

With our roots securely under ground, we have the room and the freedom to flow. We have the security and attachment we need, to find fluidity and release above. The more the White House throws it's harmful bullshit at the world, the more we flow. If we freeze or go numb or go to sleep, we are screwed. Our world needs us to respond from a fluid, rooted place literally more than ever. 

I'm not suggesting going with the flow. This is most certainly a time to resist. I'm offering a way to be with what is happening in a way that keeps us grounded and nourished. Our fluidity supports us showing up, in the most beneficial way possible, for ourselves, each other and the world. It's like a tree in a windstorm- the tree does not lay down and die! Trees are rooted and connected to the earth, and flexible above, so they can weather the storm while holding their ground and offering oxygen, shade and a home to wildlife. That my friends, can be us as well.

Dancing, crying, sweating, screaming, laughing and celebrating in community these past few weeks has saved my life. If you can't make it to Awaken The Dance, I urge you to find a venue to come together. If dancing's not your thing- sing, make art, call Congress members, hug and cry and cuddle together. We need the collective field of support, release and empowerment- NOW.

Here's what the dancers had to say after class:
"This was perfect. I'm having trouble finding balance, and I've been totally ungrounded. It was just miserable to be around myself. I need to stay rooted. Like a lotus rooted in the muddy water. Thank you!"

"I'm feeling a lot. I'm letting go of my life as it's been. I feel love, fear, compassion, letting go of everything- and I'm feeling more rooted in myself."

"This place is amazing!"

"I haven't danced for a while, and what I noticed, that being around all of you made me feel so alive! There's a lot of heaviness around me all the time, so I forced myself to come here, I've been so stuck in my world. I had to unstick- but why didn't I do this sooner? It's so great to be here and feel alive instead of numb."

"I got to be with my shadow this morning. Wow."

Dance Invitation: Grow your roots as often as you need them, and invite your flow to come in. Stop and feel yourself, feel the nourishment coming up through your roots, and notice what kind of fluidity you can bring to your life."