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Rise & Thrive Coaching

Rise and Thrive Coaching

Navigating Chronic Illness & Injuries

with Hannah Kinderlehrer

Are you tired of being tired and in pain?

Does it take tremendous effort to live the life you once enjoyed?

Is it draining to be with anyone, even those trying to help?  

Is it challenging just to get through the day?

Is it difficult to support yourself and the people you love financially, physically, emotionally or energetically?

Do you feel isolated and lonely, like nobody really gets what you’re going through?

Do you feel like a shadow of who you used to be?

Illness sucks — but it is also an opportunity. I have a chronic illness and chronic injuries. After spending a few years face down on my living room floor, I realized my relationship with myself and the world needed to change. I learned to recognize the way in which I was pushing away health and love and pushing my body way too hard. By not accepting my illness and forcing myself to do my life like I had been, I was actually harming myself.

Now, I refer to myself as the luckiest Lyme patient alive. I have an amazing life, full of community, dance, pleasure, opportunity and play. I am not cured, and I still suffer from chronic symptoms, but my life remains mine.

And I want this for you.

You can find your way back to yourself, back to a life you love. Rediscover the you that is still in there, celebrate yourself and your unique gifts. Your life will never look the same, but it can be even better. Transform your resistance, exhaustion and struggle (that actually makes you more tired), into a pleasurable full life!

I am not offering magical cures. Instead, I am offering the opportunity to know your illness and all of its pain, and simultaneously create an amazing life.

What makes working with me different?

We will not align your chakras, drink only green juice, think new-age positive thoughts, or do headstands on top of mountains at sunset. You are welcome here, exactly as you are.

We will:

  • Discover and transform the unconscious beliefs/habits that hold you back from healing

  • Forge a new relationship with yourself and your body — so you can heal!

  • Use body awareness to relieve pain

  • Create a support network within your community and open channels to receive support and love (rather than feeling drained by contact)

  • Build daily tools to work with your symptoms and develop the discipline to use them

  • Discover gentle and pleasurable movement to regain a loving relationship with your body and increase mobility

  • Structure your diet and explore nutritional support

  • Discover how to talk to loved ones/colleagues/family about chronic conditions

I have supported dozens of people suffering with chronic illness or injuries, who have struggled with anxiety, depression, isolation, pain, feeling stuck, feeling like they have lost their lives and the person they used to be.

Location is not an issue, I work locally and nationally via video-conference. Are you in Boulder? I will travel to your house when needed.

I am offering a free 30 minute consultation, so that we can determine if Rise and Thrive Coaching and Support Groups are a good fit. 

$80/hour, $100/hour and 15min

Here's an article I've written about working with my own chronic illness in More Than Lyme: Click Here

“Working with Hannah, I want to be in my body for the first time in my life!” D.C.

"Hannah is so inclusive and respectful of a body that is been through trauma and injury. I had knee surgery about a year and a half ago and one of the only things I can do without pain is dance! I feel so blessed. I was able to go work with her on crutches. I could still enjoy the movement even a few days after my injury because I could take it as slow and as gently as I needed to. Hannah created a space where I felt safe to be where I was even in discomfort and pain. I am so grateful that I did not have to give up embodiment because my body was altered slightly or in a major way at different times throughout the healing process of my injury. What a blessing to continue to be able to move even with the limitations life throws at us. Thank you Hannah!" A.K.

"Working with you I have found so much aliveness and fullness through being with all parts of myself. When you have sonic illness you’re always trying to find energy to function. There’s a constant overriding and effecting to make yourself do something. What I discovered through working with you, as you guided me through the process of listening to each impulse, there’s a self- organizing process that ends up giving me way more energy with no effort! That’s how i have found health and vitality in my being that arises when if follow my body, in the midst of serious chronic illness. It was beyond any expectations I have had of myself as a chronically ill person.” D.H.

"Being with you, and your unconditionally loving presence, has helped me see myself in this way. I love and accept myself in ways I never imagined I could! And now my body is responding and I have more energy, more stamina and more mobility- I am doing things I never thought I could!" A.O.