Rise and Thrive



Resilient Roar

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"We need resilience and hope and a spirit that can carry us through the doubt and fear. We need to believe that we can effect change if we want to live and love with our whole hearts."  Brene Brown

We experience it everytime a cut heals, or a headache passes. Every time our broken heart loses its edge and becomes a dull throb. Every time we accomplish what formerly seemed impossible- from cleaning a disaster of a house to birthing a baby to going through a divorce, or buying a car, all these trials of life- we are resilient and we are capable of SO much more than we know.

So many of us have been thrown into PTSD and worse with the Kavanaugh trials. Around the world, people are facing things we can't imagine. I bring this up not to bask in the difficulties of life, but rather to celebrate the life force that continues on! That step by step, dance by dance, breath by breath, our resiliency shines and we support ourselves and the ones we love. Because the world keeps on turning and we continue to love each other, create life, and dance. 

And when we are overwhelmed and brought to our knees with the suffering of our own hearts and the hearts of the whole world- we need to rely on each other as well as ourselves. We need to reach out for support and offer ours as well. The strength and delight of our dance community- wow. Embodied support, beyond words, from bodyto body, heart to heart. It feels like a miracle.

Dancecontinues to be my #1 way to experience my own resiliency. In the past 2 weeks, I have danced in my car in traffic, in the fire stairwell of a hospital, in my dance classes, in the grass behind the grocery store, and in the parking lot of my son's school.

On Tuesday I was having such a crash from detoxing mold I just laid in bed and cried. But on Wednesday, I danced in Rise and Thrive class. And my body sang to me over and over "I am resilient!" And I cried with the relief, the gratitude, of my own strength and pleasure.

So my loves, dance. Dance your own resiliency and your own strength. Amid your tears, your laughter, your celebrations and your suffering, let your body give you the gift of your own resiliency.