Rise and Thrive




Photo by Johannah Reimer

Photo by Johannah Reimer

"Take more chances
Dance more dances."

Here we are, another transition, another time to reflect, reconsider, and contemplate our lives and the world. I read a shocking statistic,  8% of the people who set New Year's intentions actually follow through. That's a sad, sad number. I definitely fall into the 92% part of that equation. It's so easy to get fired up and make commitments and promises and plans. And then it's even easier to let them slide as daily life takes over. So let's try it a little different this year, eh?

I'm asking my body-being to dance me into the new year. Instead of should-ing and fixing and planning how I want to live, I'm following. I'm letting my feet guide me, my heartbeat inspire me, my belly breathe me and my energy level lead me. 

Join me. Let's let the wisdom that we all possess, the wisdom that we are, take us along for the ride. Wisdom permeates our body-beings. It is in the emotions that run through our systems, the fluids that travel our veins, the thoughts that arise and fall away, the sensations in our skin, the fatigue in our muscles, the strength in our bones. It's in all of us. And by simply feeling and listening- we are letting it guide us. That's all it takes.

We don't need to write manifestos based on what we learn, we don't need to make huge life decisions or change everything, we can simply be guided, gently, moment to moment, about what comes now, what comes next.
What's here? Where is my body calling my attention? And what is it asking for? Simple inquiries we can use to find the present moment wisdom of our body-being.

When I'm dancing and I have these great ideas about what kind of movements might feel best or what conundrum I want to work out- my dance falls flat. It is boring. Blah. But when I surrender to my body's wisdom and inspiration- it's juicy and powerful. It's heartbreakingly tender or nourishingly energetic or whatever it happens to be. But it's real and it's satisfying. So imagine if this year life could feel real and satisfying? And we didn't beat ourselves up? 2017 would surely be a year to celebrate. Let's make it so.

Here's what the dancers had to day after class:

"I think I'm in a space of exploration- it's not about me knowing, it's about exploring together."

"I've been holding on so tightly for 2 years, and it just felt SO good to let go today."

"What came in the dance today was partnership in my body, my spirit, with other women and other beings."

"It's so good and so right to be in flow, today, and may it be for all year."

"This was my first time here, and I'm injured and what I'm learning from this is surrender, slowing down, self-love and allowing what is. I'm very grateful to be here and also work up a little sweat!"

"This is the first day I've let my body really move!"

"I felt like I was surrendering to surrender."

Dance Invitation: How many times a day can you ask your body what's next? How many times a week can you check in on the sensation level and see where your body-being needs you? What wants to be heard? And can you let go of life just a tiny tiny bit more, and be danced?