Rise and Thrive




"The world is awaiting your gift, all you have to do is show up."
Lewis Howes

I just spent two glorious weeks with my family (sisters, brother-in-law, nibblings, dad, husband and son) and it was bliss. And when people asked me what was so special about it, one of the things that came to mind was that there was always someone to love. There was always someone to hug, kiss, play with their hair, etc...The huge amount of love I have in my body-being was able to express itself to willing subjects and I felt so nourished and met, I was in heaven.

Now the problem with this is, that when everyone left, I am now back in my own small family with a deeply introverted husband and son, and a tween son at that, who is appropriately and thank heavens, expressing boundaries around how often I can kiss him and attack him with my mama bear love. When I say "I love you" he says "I am aware of this." I call this a victory. But ..where then, does all this love go?

Well at first I assumed it was a problem, something to fix inside of me. But when I sat with my amazing peers in our amazing monthly group, they helped me to reframe this view. I simply have a lot of love! A ton of it in fact. And I can continue to enjoy this sensual part of me that loves touch as an expression of my affection, between me and me. With slow walks, self massage on my tight shoulders or tired feet, long baths, etc... and yes! Instead of stopping the flow of love and desire for physical connection, I'm redirecting that towards myself.

Nowhere does this express itself more fully and easily than dance. Enjoying my movements fully, drinking them in, delighting in them. What comes right along with that is my relationship to my body, and the understanding that this body, this lifetime, is a vessel for this expression of love. And it couldn't be or look any other way. So cellulite, chronic health issues, toxins, etc...they are all imperfectly perfect for my gifts, my medicine, my love, this lifetime. This doesn't mean my body can't change, it changes daily. But this means to me, that this vessel, right now, as it changes and ages and transforms, heals and suffers, is as it should be, and wishing it was any other way is missing the point.

So this week, I invite you to let your gifts, your medicine, express through your vessel. Dance, roll around the floor, caress your own arm, bathe, etc...and see how the flow of your magic is perfectly suited- to you!