Rise and Thrive




"Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.

Anything we bring awareness to deepens our presence and freedom. Relating to pain with curiosity and kindness directly transforms your experience into a pathway of freedom."
Tara Brach

We "other" our emotions, and parts of ourselves all the time, without even knowing it. We ALL have feelings, coping strategies, and needs that have gone unmet or unseen. There have been times in our lives when who we are and how we've expressed ourselves have been rejected by the people around us. Or they've been so painful or shameful that we have buried them deep inside of us, we have rejected these parts of ourselves. This is not unusual, this is not unique- this is what we do. It's ok. Deep breath. Slower. Again.

But guess what? We can reclaim these parts of ourselves, these emotions, these expressions of who we are and what we need. We can dance them home. This is the beauty of being an empowered adult, we make the rules now. And if we want all of us- we get all of us!

My inner younger self used to live in a deep dark well in the pit of my stomach. I was so ashamed of how needy she was, and how she manipulated and posed and worked in every way she knew how to be seen, loved, accepted. She disgusted me. I banished her to the well so I wouldn't feel her deep need for unconditional acceptance, and so I didn't have to feel the shame of who I believed her to be.

After YEARS of therapy, dance, and relating to her somatically with deep listening and love, she has transformed into my inner magical unicorn. Her desire for connection and love has made me who I am today, the person that is always willing to extend, be vulnerable, and lean out towards another. She has given me my sense of theatrics and play, I'm a fun gal! And her tenderness has showed me that all anyone needs in their very worst moments, is love and holding, when they are ready. So I hold her, often, and she fuels me with her magic.

By reclaiming what I had once believed were the "worst" parts of myself, I am able to be in connection with others, when they are stuck in what they may call the "worst" parts of themselves. And I can be there with love and tenderness, and a little bit of magic and play, thanks my inner little one.

So this week your invitation is notice how you are othering parts of yourself, and can you dance them home, where they belong? Of course you can. There's a playlist below to get you started. And if you want some support beyond that, schedule your free 30 minute consult with me HERE.