Rise and Thrive




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Here's my truth.

I've seen a ton of doctors, healers, practitioners, body workers, etc...I've gotten hundreds of IV's, spent hours in an infrared sauna, and so much more- and it's all played a part in my healing. I've gone from face-down on my living room floor, miserable, to a thriving, joyful life despite still experiencing chronic symptoms.

And I'm more aware than ever, that my own participation in my own healing is what's been crucial.

I have shamed myself, felt useless and embarrassed that all my visualizations, practices, and ideas about how this should be done have left me feeling hopeless. 
I had some notion of how this self-healing was supposed to look. And because I couldn't focus long enough to visualize my chakras, I was broken. All the gallons of golden white light I invited into the top of my head to clear away the Lyme toxins never seemed to help. I felt like I just couldn't do it, I couldn't be an effective part of my own healing.

But now, I'm slow motion dancing.
The kind where I am SO damn present for every single gesture, flutter of my heart beat, breath moving through me- that I am entering a truly sacred space. An indescribably alive, present, awake space. The kind of space where anything can happen.

And you know what's happening? F-ing magic.

Truly. I'm dancing with my Lyme. I'm not pushing it away, trying to kill it and ban it from my body, I'm not imagining white light or sparkles or rainbow chakras aligning, I'm literally just being with my body in the best way I know how. And it's AMAZING!

I know that it's not dance but the way I'm letting the dance in. What is it for you? Is it your morning hike? Is it the way you lay on the floor and feel the carpet and let the sunshine warm your skin? Is it the way you rest into the loving arms of family/friends/partner? Is it the conscious way you drink water and feel it hydrating your system? My point is that anything can be the healing tonic, the nourishment, we've been expecting to come from the outside, or someone else's notion of what it looks like.

I tried all the What the Bleep practices. Maybe you've done The Secret. I'm not saying those practices don't work. I'm saying if like me, trying to adopt an external idea and make it work for you is not helping...try finding your way of healing. And reach out- book an appointment with me here if you want support. I have helped dozens of people find their way into self-healing!