Rise and Thrive




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Attention is the beginning of devotion.

Mary Oliver

The word devotion may bring up many things for you, depending on how you were raised, etc... In my lineage of dharma, devotion is associated with tender-hearted surrender, with openness and magic. It's our devotion that calls in helpful beings and unseen magic. And it is in this spirit that devotion has arisen in my world this week, as a way to re-create the world. As a way to re-write this systemwe live in of valuing objects over life. 

I am devoted to life. Life itself! I am devoted to the trees, the earth, the crickets, and the fleas. I am devoted to all beings having access to choices, opportunities, freedom, food, water, and shelter. 

And when this devotion dances through me, I feel empowered, hopeful, I feel possibility instead of hopelessness. As I have written before, I am very much afraid of where we are headed as a species, as a planet. It keeps me up at night, invades my days. And living in fear is also a choice I'm choosing to release, moment by moment. Easier said than done when anxiety grips my guts and my thoughts are dark, but when I'm reveling in my devotion,when I'm danced by my devotion, when I hold this very planet and all her creatures in my devotion, I am in a place of love. Tender, broken-open, joyful love.

So I ask you, what are you devoted to? If we are all devoted, deeply, in our bodies, to what is right, we may just grow this world into the one we want. May all of our devotion inspire us, lead us to the kind of action and engagement that makes some serious shit happen!

Also,read this book, Emergent Strategy,and buy a copy for everyone you know. I just got 6. You won't regret it! It's setting my heart on fire.