Rise and Thrive



Year of the Earth Pig


"The PIG!  Here she comes, on February 5th–the wonderful, sassy, enticingly luscious Pig year, at long last. The culminating 12th sign in our Chinese zodiac, lazily strolling up to share her sensuous self.
It is impossible to scold her for her slow pace. She is so charming and vivacious you will realize you can relax along with her and take time again to enjoy all that your 5 senses bring you of life and beauty.
Ms.Pig just wants to get along with absolutely everyone in her world, no exceptions. She is wallowing in happiness when those around her are also content, so indulge her, and yourself."
Amy Chini

January was a long year.

But just in time, here comes the new year, bringing gifts of feminine wisdom, nourishment, sensuality and sensibility.


Last year was a yang year, masculine, tedious, hard-work and confrontational. 
Did you feel it?

This year is different. On Tuesday we entered the year of the female earth pig. Generosity is a major theme, as is delighting in earthly pleasures, but with a focus on tending to nourishment and receptive energy, not on hedonistic, careless behavior and consumption.

It's about time. That's all I can say. Ok, I can say a little more. I also want to say, that duh, this is what movement and dance are all about!

As I celebrated Losar (New Year) with my community, someone said, "this is Hannah's every year!" I blushed and thought- yup. Why? Dance. Embodiment. They are one delicious avenue to bathe, soak, and delight in the riches of the earth element, and of the qualities of the pig in the Chinese zodiac.

Moving our bodies with awareness and consciousness is how we tend to ourselves, it's a way to be generous with ourselves and effortlessly extend that to the world. Lately as I tune into the energy of the floor/earth/dirt/I dance upon, I feel so much generosity and presence. As if the earth has been saying all along- "Yup. I gotcha."

This is a way we can experience great pleasure in the sensuality of a body-being without falling into consumerism or harmful and gluttonous behavior. By tuning into our sensations, with mindfulness, and by allowing the pure pleasure of having a body- ahhhh. We can inhabit this body-beings in a more archetypally feminine, receptive way. 

Yes my friends, this is our year. So dance! Celebrate! And do so with mindfulness. Lay out your table of rich foods and share it. Taste every bite with attention, knowing the more nourished you are, the more you have to give.  Here's to all beings benefitting from the gifts of the she-boar, here's to a rich, generous,  and delicious year.