Rise and Thrive




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"Leave some room in your heart for the unimaginable." Mary Oliver

Dance Invitation: Dance with the unknown- as we move closer to living our lives in accordance with who we are and what we have to give. How can we dance with the groundlessness of expecting the unexpected and trust that who are is exactly what the world needs? Let your movements be spontaneous! Let your dance surprise you- let your feet take you and your heart inspire you- let your body lead.

Here's what the dancers had to say: 
"Darkness will leave and then there will be light- and I feel so hopeful."

"I'm in a state of transition, I have no false sense of knowing what's next. And that last song truly touched my heart, I want to move through all these transitions skillfully and gracefully."

"I"m moving into a new beginning of loving my body- I didn't even realize there was discord there. I'm slowly waking up to all that it is and does, and how beautiful and powerful I am, it was so sweet  to practice this here."

"I danced a lot of powerlessness- I'm very powerful BUT it's only good if I use it for myself- when I try to exert power over- it doesn't work."  

"I feel wide open- I don't know- without the usual contraction. It's very unusual for me, I thank dance and being in a room with women in their bodies, it's the best healing medicine for me."  

"Everything thing we do is an opportunity for transformation."

"I've been dancing with relationship and partnership. I'm saying yes to staying with it, to moving through it. I'm feeling the eclipse as a reset, here we go!"  

"In the beginning you said "you can't get it wrong" so I was so happy to just dance and be free and just be myself. I feel really free!"